Talking About Sex Toys

Talking About Sex Toys


If you are looking to change things up in the bedroom, it’s likely you are a little unsure of how to bring the idea up to your partner. The thought of them storming away from you after you let out your desires is the first thing that comes to your mind.


However, we are here to tell you that in many cases that’s not true. In fact, both partners in a relationship tend to have desires of adding a toy into the mix. The problem is that no one has had the confidence to speak up about it yet. But, that’s all going to change today. We are going to share with you tips on how to talk to your partner about using a JouJou Sex Toys.


First, do some research on what type of toy you want to introduce into your sex life. Read the reviews about the product and see what people are saying. Just by knowing those other people are out there talking about it can give you a spark of confidence to start up a conversation with your partner. The more comfortable you are with the adult toy and how it is used, the more natural your conversation will be.


Second, picking a good time to bring up the topic is important. Randomly asking your partner if they want to use an adult toy tonight while eating supper at the dinner table may not be the best idea. Plan a time when you two are alone, such as watching television on the couch.


Be straight with what you want and explain why you want the toy. Many people jump to the conclusion that their partner wants an adult toy because of their poor performance. Let your partner know that’s not the case by telling them what benefits you will both gain from using the toy.


Bringing up the use of an adult toy with your partner can be a nerve-wracking experience at first. Take the time to do your research and be comfortable with the product. Then lightly lay your suggestion on your partner and allow them to ask questions.

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