Brick Restoration In Melbourne

Brick Restoration In Melbourne

Brick fireplaces are beautiful in any home setting. They provide a place of warmth for family and friends to gather. However, if your fireplace is not properly maintained it can start to look grimy and eventually deteriorate. Restoring a fireplace is completely possible and should be done as soon as you notice a problem. We’ve put together some great tips on fireplace brick restoration Melbourne so that you can make your fireplace beautiful again.


If your fireplace is covered in soot but doesn’t have any major cosmetic damage, then finding a brick cleaner is a good idea. There are many different types of bricks that are used in fireplace construction. You should identify the type of brick you have or ask the opinion of a trained employee of a brick restoration Melbourne company.


Follow the directions on the brick cleaner bottle to ensure you are using the correct ratio of cleaning solution to water. Using too much cleaner can create problems with your brick. Using a brush to scrub the bricks is recommended. After leaving the brick cleaning solution on the fireplace for the recommended amount of time, rinse it off with water.


If the grout between the bricks is soaked in soot as well, you should opt for a grout cleaning solution. These are different from the brick cleaners. Remember they are two different materials that require two different cleaning solutions.


Painted fireplace restoration in Melbourne can be a more difficult task. You can’t just paint over the existing brick. You will need to use a paint stripper to remove all the old paint first. When using a paint stripper for brick restoration in Melbourne you should be wearing the proper gloves and goggles.


Follow the instructions on the paint stripper for best results. Some paint strippers can actually damage certain types of bricks. You should be reading the label to ensure this doesn’t include the type of brick that your fireplace is made out of. As an added precaution, we suggest trying the paint stripper on a small discreet area of brick first to see how it reacts. If the paint comes off with no noticeable damage to the brick than continue to use the same process for the rest of the fireplace.


Fireplace brick restoration in Melbourne is a difficult task. By following these tips above you can ensure your fireplace looks amazing when you are done.

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