Black Sandals

As summer comes along, women everywhere start to think about the right kind of shoe wardrobe. The right kind of shoe wardrobe is useful during this time of the year. Sandals in varied colors are great basics. Many women find that black sandals make the ideal neutral to set off a summer outfit.


A pair of black sandals will help ground a look that is largely pastels or largely white. A white outfit can look perfect complemented by a causal pair of black sandals that make the entire outfit look breezy and fresh. Dark sandals look nice when paired with well polished nails and a short skirt and top. Black sandals are also an easy way to go from day into night without a problem. The dark black sandals will help bring the look from a relaxed daytime feel to something that is a bit more formal for evening.

Pairing Sandals Well

Sandals can be paired with almost any outfit imaginable. A pair of darker sandals looks particularly nice with a classic long summer dress in an understated color and pattern. The darker gladiator sandals also look good when paired with a vivid touch of color. A red scarf looks really nice draped across the shoulders.


Darker summer colors such as emerald and turquoise also work well with darker sandals in darker colors. A light summer jacket also looks nice when the wearer has a tan and a pair of darker sandals. A well put together outfit can look extremely elegant when the wearer has the sandals along with a nice summer dress and thoughtful accessories.


Each element of the outfit should work together to help the person look well prepared for summer and comfortable no matter where they are any given time during this brief but exciting and fun season.

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