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Chaz Mosert

Chaz Mosert has continued his great run in the V8 Supercar Development Series by taking out third place in race one at the Homebush street circuit in Sydney today.

Flying his new Team NAVY / simPRO livery – and sporting the new #100 number to commemorate the RAN’s centenary, Mostert capitalised on his second row starting position and kept his nose clean in the 17-lap race which claimed the skins of Marcus Zukanovic and Rodney Jane in an opening lap pileup.

Mostert held on to the leaders for the majority of the race to ensure a good starting position for race two tomorrow.

Talking About Sex Toys

Talking About Sex Toys


If you are looking to change things up in the bedroom, it’s likely you are a little unsure of how to bring the idea up to your partner. The thought of them storming away from you after you let out your desires is the first thing that comes to your mind.


However, we are here to tell you that in many cases that’s not true. In fact, both partners in a relationship tend to have desires of adding a toy into the mix. The problem is that no one has had the confidence to speak up about it yet. But, that’s all going to change today. We are going to share with you tips on how to talk to your partner about using a JouJou Sex Toys.


First, do some research on what type of toy you want to introduce into your sex life. Read the reviews about the product and see what people are saying. Just by knowing those other people are out there talking about it can give you a spark of confidence to start up a conversation with your partner. The more comfortable you are with the adult toy and how it is used, the more natural your conversation will be.


Second, picking a good time to bring up the topic is important. Randomly asking your partner if they want to use an adult toy tonight while eating supper at the dinner table may not be the best idea. Plan a time when you two are alone, such as watching television on the couch.


Be straight with what you want and explain why you want the toy. Many people jump to the conclusion that their partner wants an adult toy because of their poor performance. Let your partner know that’s not the case by telling them what benefits you will both gain from using the toy.


Bringing up the use of an adult toy with your partner can be a nerve-wracking experience at first. Take the time to do your research and be comfortable with the product. Then lightly lay your suggestion on your partner and allow them to ask questions.

Brick Restoration In Melbourne

Brick Restoration In Melbourne

Brick fireplaces are beautiful in any home setting. They provide a place of warmth for family and friends to gather. However, if your fireplace is not properly maintained it can start to look grimy and eventually deteriorate. Restoring a fireplace is completely possible and should be done as soon as you notice a problem. We’ve put together some great tips on fireplace brick restoration Melbourne so that you can make your fireplace beautiful again.


If your fireplace is covered in soot but doesn’t have any major cosmetic damage, then finding a brick cleaner is a good idea. There are many different types of bricks that are used in fireplace construction. You should identify the type of brick you have or ask the opinion of a trained employee of a brick restoration Melbourne company.


Follow the directions on the brick cleaner bottle to ensure you are using the correct ratio of cleaning solution to water. Using too much cleaner can create problems with your brick. Using a brush to scrub the bricks is recommended. After leaving the brick cleaning solution on the fireplace for the recommended amount of time, rinse it off with water.


If the grout between the bricks is soaked in soot as well, you should opt for a grout cleaning solution. These are different from the brick cleaners. Remember they are two different materials that require two different cleaning solutions.


Painted fireplace restoration in Melbourne can be a more difficult task. You can’t just paint over the existing brick. You will need to use a paint stripper to remove all the old paint first. When using a paint stripper for brick restoration in Melbourne you should be wearing the proper gloves and goggles.


Follow the instructions on the paint stripper for best results. Some paint strippers can actually damage certain types of bricks. You should be reading the label to ensure this doesn’t include the type of brick that your fireplace is made out of. As an added precaution, we suggest trying the paint stripper on a small discreet area of brick first to see how it reacts. If the paint comes off with no noticeable damage to the brick than continue to use the same process for the rest of the fireplace.


Fireplace brick restoration in Melbourne is a difficult task. By following these tips above you can ensure your fireplace looks amazing when you are done.

Feel Great with Optifast Shakes

Feel Great with Optifast Shakes

Optifast shakes taste great, provide nutritional value, and aid in weight loss better than many competing products on the market today. The delicious Optifast shakes are available in three flavors, including Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry, each delivering a satisfying taste that is great to drink any time of the day.


Since Optifast shakes are pre-made, they’re perfect for men and women who want to lose weight, but still live an active lifestyle. Slip one of the Optifast shakes in your purse, tote bag, or in the passenger seat, and you’re ready for the day with your shake in hand.


Each shake contains only 160 calories, and is loaded with protein, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs. When you want to lose weight, it is imperative that you get these important nutrients that your body needs. Without these nutrients, you’ll suffer in more than one way.


Drink a shake morning, noon, or night instead of eating a meal. With regular use of the Amcal Optifast shakes, you’ll notice the fat that you want to lose slowly leaving your body, resulting in the body that you’ve always wanted. It is recommended that you use the shakes a minimum of 60-days for best results.

Optifast shakes are perfect for anyone that wants to lose weight, but they’re also affordable, taste great, and really work to provide the weight loss benefits that you crave. If you are serious about weight loss, the use of these meal replacement shakes is an idea to consider.

Black Sandals

As summer comes along, women everywhere start to think about the right kind of shoe wardrobe. The right kind of shoe wardrobe is useful during this time of the year. Sandals in varied colors are great basics. Many women find that black sandals make the ideal neutral to set off a summer outfit.


A pair of black sandals will help ground a look that is largely pastels or largely white. A white outfit can look perfect complemented by a causal pair of black sandals that make the entire outfit look breezy and fresh. Dark sandals look nice when paired with well polished nails and a short skirt and top. Black sandals are also an easy way to go from day into night without a problem. The dark black sandals will help bring the look from a relaxed daytime feel to something that is a bit more formal for evening.

Pairing Sandals Well

Sandals can be paired with almost any outfit imaginable. A pair of darker sandals looks particularly nice with a classic long summer dress in an understated color and pattern. The darker gladiator sandals also look good when paired with a vivid touch of color. A red scarf looks really nice draped across the shoulders.


Darker summer colors such as emerald and turquoise also work well with darker sandals in darker colors. A light summer jacket also looks nice when the wearer has a tan and a pair of darker sandals. A well put together outfit can look extremely elegant when the wearer has the sandals along with a nice summer dress and thoughtful accessories.


Each element of the outfit should work together to help the person look well prepared for summer and comfortable no matter where they are any given time during this brief but exciting and fun season.